The scientific contents are in a clear way, in particular for non-expert readers.


Bauer’s books present a comprehensive view on the relevant issue-related scientific research.


Bauer’s books address social, political and health issues.

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Bestselling Author Joachim Bauer Freiburg Uniklinik Gooks Genes Research Evolution Neurobiology Soul Psyche Body Psychological Health Psychotherapy Behavioral Therapy Psychiatry Drug Compatibility P450 Psychosomatic Medicine Depression Anxiety Disorder Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Trauma Burnout Syndrom Teachers School Coaching Freiburger Model Borderline Alzheimer’s Dementia Pain Somatoform Disorder Dissociation Mirror Neurons Empathy Darwin Darwinism Co-operation Communication Placebo Doctor-patient-relationship Self-guidance Self-control Self-monitoring free Will Self-Discovery Self-Guidance The rediscovery of the free will Work How it makes us happy or sick The Memory of the Body How relationships and lifestyle influence our genes Threshold of Pain - About the origin of daily and global violence The Principle of Humanity Why we co-operate by nature Empathy Intuitive communication and the secrets of the mirror neurons The co-operative Gene Evolution as a creative process In Praise of School seven perspectives for students, teachers and parents Alzheimer's Desease Neurobiology, Psychosomatics, Diagnostic and Therapy Empatia. Co potrafią lustrzane neurony Granica bólu. O źródłach agresji i przemocy Hvorfor jeg føler det, du føler 「少年の攻撃や暴力の予防 : 司法は脳に関する研究から何を学びうるのか?」